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From Joyce: Oh I was so delight to receive my order this morning.  You packed it so well I thank you for your efforts . I was at a Saturday flea market day in Shaftsbury a few years ago and came across one of your vendors, and when I saw that dark amber color, I could not resist. I was raised by maplers, my grand parents who were also raised on maple syrup - each morning, each night on a piece of bread. That was their desert. To this day, I can't tolerate honey. I made a batch of fresh cranberry sauce last week and used up all my previous supply, and was so thrilled to find you online, and replenish my supply.

pure maple syrup produced using renewable energy in the green mountains of vermont.

VERMONT agency of agriculture, food and markets certified

Customer Comments

From Sam: I can't say enough about your syrup.  Hands down it is the absolute best.